Currently we are working on several projects:

– We joined forces with an US-American partner to develop a period documentary about almost forgotten heroes of the World War II history. More coming soon!

– We are shooting, editing and developing several non-fiction projects, some are follow up projects to ACHTZEHN – Wagnis Leben (18 – Dare to live) . Together with CORNELIA GRUENBERG  we received FFA development funding for „ZEHN – Die Kinder der Kinder.. More coming soon.

– We joined forces with international partners and a reputable sales agent to produce genre projects. The first project, BEYOND REMEDY (aka „FEAR“), is already out on the markets. Other projects are in development.

– We joined forces with an Asian CGI and post production service provider to support and (co)-produce feature films. A first project is already completed and released, others are identified and in negotiations. You can see an example of our possibilities below.

– We are developing the feature film project THE STATION MAN (aka „Der Bahnhofsvorsteher“).  We received development funding for this project. The trailer is available on the Stationman-page.

– We increased the development work for our international Cold War Spy-Thriller-Project COLD WARRIORS (Working Title), developed with the support of the MCA (Michael Becker), Dan Benton and George Geiger (see imdb).

We are always open to look at interesting projects, to look at scripts and projects which are open for a German co-production, set in South East Asia or are looking for stage of the art VFX/CGI effects. If interested, please send loglines and synopses first to