Of course we are developing our own stories and projects. So we are working on several non-fiction projects. Some are follow up projects to ACHTZEHN – Wagnis Leben (aka 18 – Dare to live) . The writers Andreas Grünberg and Cornelia Grünberg are grateful for the development funding they just have received from the FFA for „28 – Hope“. Thanks to nordmedia’s funding, we were able to support the development of  our feature film project „THE STATIONMAN“ (aka DER BAHNHOFSVORSTEHER). Other projects are in various stages of development. So we are still working on our international Spy-Thriller-Project COLD WARRIORS (Working Title), together with Dan Benton and George Geiger (see imdb).

Additionally we are offering a wide range of SERVICES  like CONSULTING and  TRANSLATION SERVICES, and we offer film-related  WORKSHOPS.