Of course we are developing stories and projects for our own needs.

– Most recently we received project development funding by nordmedia for our feature film project „THE STATIONMAN„. Other projects are in various stages of development.

– We are working on several non-fiction projects. Some are follow up projects to ACHTZEHN – Wagnis Leben (aka 18 – Dare to live) . Together with CORNELIA GRUENBERG  we received FFA development funding for „ZEHN – Die Kinder der Kinder. More coming soon.

– We increased the development work for our international Spy-Thriller-Project COLD WARRIORS (Working Title), developed with the support of the MCA (Michael Becker), Dan Benton and George Geiger (see imdb).

Additionally we are offering a wide range of SERVICES for third party projects like CONSULTING and  TRANSLATION SERVICES, and we offer film-related  SEMINARS.