About us

Since 1997 we dedicated our work to the world of film-making, both for national and international markets. We co-produced our first feature film, „TWO IN A BOAT“ in 1998. It was directed by CORNELIA GRUENBERG and written and co-produced by ANDREAS GRUENBERG.  After the film premiered in 1999 at the Berlinale Filmfestival it went on to many more international A-festivals, while it performed successfully in cinemas and on German TV. At the moment we are producing our documentary project „28 – Hope“. You can find more about our productions and projects under PRODUCTION

Several further fiction and non-fiction projects are already in DEVELOPMENT. We are grateful for the support we received from nordmedia which allowed us to move forward with our feature film project „THE STATIONMAN“.  

We were able to establish a strong network of various international producing and financing partners.  This network opens up a wide range of possibilities for our own and for third-party projects. We already used this network successfully for our CONSULTING AND FINANCING SERVICES and for projects like „IN THE NAME OF THE KING III“ (CANADA 2014), „ACHTZEHN – Wagnis Leben“ aka „18 – Dare to live“ (D 2014) and „ABGESCHNITTEN“ (D, 2018), where Andreas Gruenberg was involved as Associate Producer.

We contributed SCRIPT CONSULTING SERVICES to many successful films, among them the documentary „VIERZEHN – Erwachsen in neun Monaten“, directed by Cornelia Gruenberg. The film premiered at the Berlinale Film Festival 2012. Then it went into the theaters and is now out on VOD and DVD.

And we are offering additional development services like TRANSLATIONS. Meanwhile, we have translated more than 40 scripts (including the Oscar-winning feature film ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT) – and counting.

And we still do all this with passion, based on the experience and professionalism of more than 20 years in the film business..