We are currently producing our documentary project „28 – Hope“ (aka „28 – Prinzip Hoffnung“) as a co-production with ZDF/3sat supported by the German Federal Film Board (FFA) and the  German Film Fund DFFF.

After the company was founded in 1997 we co-produced the adventure movie „TWO IN A BOAT“ (aka „Zwei in einem Boot“). The movie premiered in 1999 at the Berlinale Film Festival (section 14plus),  was released, and went on to many other national and international film festivals before it was aired on TV. The movie still sells on the DVD and VOD markets. We then continued our work with international co-productions like „FORBIDDEN FRUIT“ (CA 2002), BEYOND REMEDY (aka „FEAR“, D 2009) or TUMBLE TOTS ACTION ADVENTURES (UK 2018). As Associate Producer Andreas Gruenberg was involved in several other international productions like POISON (CA/D 2002), IN THE NAME OF THE KING III: The Last Mission (CA 2014) or CUT OFF (aka „Abgeschnitten, D 2018). As Associate Producer he also helped to produce successful documentaries like „ACHTZEHN – WAGNIS LEBEN (aka 18 – Dare to live“, D. 2014)

Several other projects are in various stages of development.