About us

Since 1997 we are dedicating our work to the world of film-making, both for national and international markets. Our first feature film, „TWO IN A BOAT“ (D 1999, Adventure), directed by CORNELIA GRUENBERG, written and co-produced by ANDREAS GRUENBERG, premiered in 1999 on the Berlinale Filmfestival and went on to many more international A-festivals, while it performed successfully in cinemas and on German TV. It is also available on DVD since May 2016.

We are developing and (co-) producing fictional and non-fictional films of various genres (see „credits“) and established a strong network of various international producing and financing partners.  This network opens up a wide range of possibilities for our own projects and for third-party-projects which are open for co-production, co-financing or which are looking for state-of-the-art, but low cost animation, CGI and/or post-production sercices. As Associate Producer Andreas Gruenberg was for instance involved into the Production of „IN THE NAME OF THE KING III“ (CANADA 21204) and „ABGESCHNITTEN“ (in post-production).

This network opens up a wide range of possibilities also for third-party-projects which are looking for state-of-the-art, cost effective CGI and/or post-production services. Please find at the bottom of this page an example from one of our CGI-partners.

In 2007/08 we co-produced BEYOND REMEDY (aka „Fear“, 2009). The movie was released worldwide on DVD. It is one of our genre-projects, for which we did set up our NOSFERATU’S FINEST-Site, already followed by other projects.

The feature length documentary „18 – Dare To Live“ (D 2014, directed by Cornelia Gruenberg, written by Cornelia and Andreas Gruenberg, who also was involved as Associate Producer) premiered on July 26th 2014 on the Five-Lakes-Festival and started in German theatres on October 2nd. 2014. It is also available on DVD and VOD. Andreas Gruenberg was also involved as Associate Producer. 

We contributed development services to the very successful documentary „VIERZEHN – Erwachsen in neun Monaten“ („14“), directed by Cornelia Gruenberg, which premiered on the Berlinale Filmfestival 2012 and is now in theaters. It also is continously screened during the Schulkinowochen all over German and available on DVD.

Several further fiction and non-fiction projects are already in development. In 2011 we received development funding for our feature-film project „The Stationman“.  Together with CORNELIA GRUENBERG  we received in 2014 FFA development funding for our project „ZEHN – Die Kinder der Kinder“.

And we are offering Development Services, e.g. TRANSLATION and script development. Meanwhile we have translated more than 40 scripts … and counting.

As a side line of our work as film makers we are also representing writers and completed films. We just recently signed another deal with a German TV-station.

And all of this we are doing with the experience and professionalism of almost 20 years in business.