As a sideline of our work we represent some completed films and screenwriters.In the past we have sold several films to German TV and screenplays to German producers/TV.

Please find below some of the completed films we represent:

​“SHANGHAI GHETTO“ (USA, 2002, directed and produced by Dana Janklowicz-Mann and Amir Mann – In 1939, thousands of Jewish refugees escaped Nazi persecution to the only place that was open to them.. Shanghai. This documentary tells their story. The film is narrated by Academy Award Winner Martin Landau. Music is by composer Sujin Nam recorded with the famous Chinese Erhu performer Karen Han who played in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and The Last Emperor. It tells

TAYLOR CAMP“ (2009, documentary) – „Taylor Camp is the ultimate hippie fantasy retold three decades later in a moving and magical documentary. Don’t miss it!“ – Steven Petrow, The Huffington Post. We just recently sold the film to German pay TV.

„TEMPORARY DIFFICULTIES“ (Director: Mikhail Raskhodnikov («Elastiko»), staring Ivan Okhlobystin, Ilya Ryazanov, Rinal Mukhametov, Victoria Solovyova, Ian Tsapnik, Irina Pegova. Russia, 2018.
Synopsis: When Alexander Kovalyov is born with cerebral palsy, his father decides that the only way to get his son to stand on his own two feet is to treat him as if he was perfectly healthy. To him, his son is not a disabled person – he merely has some “temporary difficulties”. Sasha is made to do everything, including housework, without any help from others. Despite struggling with crutches, his father sends him to a regular school, where he is mercilessly teased.
In time, Sasha learns to stand on his own two feet and starts walking independently. However, he never stops harboring resentment for the way he was raised. As soon as he graduates from school, Sasha leaves home and breaks off all contact with his father. Twelve years on, Sasha is a successful business coach who has rescued hundreds of businesses from collapse, often using radical methods. One day he is approached by a prospective client with an intriguing offer – one which will allow him to get back at his father… Based on a true story.

THE RETURN, by Andrey Zvyagintsev (2003) . The life of two brothers is shattered by the sudden appearance of their father, whom they know only from a 10 year old photograph. Is he really their father? Why has he come back after so many years? The boys find some answers on a remote and desolate island travelling with this man who turned their lives upside down.
The rugged beauty of the northern lakes and forests adds a peculiar dimension to this unfolding drama.

SCHIZO / 86 minutes / 2004, by Guka Omarova . Fifteen year old Mustafa has a nickname Schizo. He is hired by his mother’s boyfriend to find fighters for illegal fistfights. His life is changed forever when a young man mortally beaten in one of the fights asks Schizo to deliver his prize money to his girlfriend and young son. Schizo takes the money to the woman as promised and falls in love with her. Now he knows for whom he has to make money, no matter what the cost. In fistfights there are no rules… until blood is spilled!

These are some seletcted titles. Please inquire for more details and information on the films we represent. To get a complete list, please get in touch with us. More information and screeners are available upon request:

If you have a feature film or documentary with free European/German rights looking for a (new) home, we would love to hear more about your film.

Selected screenplays represented by Gruenberg Films

MIKE MATTEO: The Content of our Character, Wish you were here, Shades of Gray Thriller (Comedy, Drama), That Time of the Month, 90 Days, Getting Personal (option expired), Scammin‘ (option expired) (Romantic Comedies)

FRED YAGER: Last Kiss, Crime 101, Cybersona (Thriller), The Asian Queen (Action/Adventure)

DONNA MARIE VAUGHN: Guardian Angel (optioned), Cheating Death (Thriller)

STEFFEN LERCHNER: Leise rieselt der Schnee, Blau und Weiß (Drama), Händel, Fidelio (Drama)

SILVIA BARTELS: Cora (Teil 1 und 2, Familiendrama)

SUSANNE CAPPUS: „So weit wie das Meer“, Torffeuer (Drama)

More information is available upon request: