Since 1997 we are (co-) producing feature films and documentaries for German and international markets. We started our productions with our adventure movie "Two in a Boat", directed by CORNELIA GRUENBERG, which premiered 1999 on the Berlinale (Section 14plus). Since then we are continuing this line of work. And all this we do with passion and the experience of almost 20 years in business.


Since 1997 we have (co-) produced fiction and non-fiction projects. We have established a strong network of various international producing and financing partners. This network opens up a wide range of possibilities for our own projects and for third-party-projects. So in 2007/2008 we co-produced Beyond Remedy (aka "Fear", released 2009). In 2013 we were involved into the financing of "In the Name of the King III" (2014).

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Of course we are developing stories for our own needs. So we received development funding for our feature film project"The Stationman" and most recently for our doku-project "ZEHN - Die Kinder der Kinder". But we are also offering development SERVICES for a growing number of clients, including SCREENPLAY TRANSLATION. So far we have translated more than 40 feature film screenplays ... and counting.

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In the past we were able to sell many scripts to production companies or TV-stations we are working with. While we are more and more concentrating on producing, we still do represent a couple of writers.
We also started successfully to represent and sell completed films - fiction and non fiction, animated films and live action - on the German and European markets.

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